Versatile Swimwear is the New Go-To this Summer

Versatile Swimwear is the New Go-To this Summer


Are you a bikini or one-piece kinda gal? Do you like to mix it up, dependent on that time of the month or what you ate for lunch (think carb-baby). Whilst teeny tiny yellow polka dot bikinis are made for some, we prefer more of a practical approach; comfort meets classic - in the not so tiny instance. We’re talking, support, style, and versatility. From laying by the pool to sitting down for a long lunch with friends; your swimsuit can be a transitional part of your wardrobe.

Whilst the Marie Kondo craze has settled, we’ve stuck with the foundations and have created a reversible bikini top. In addition to only taking up a small amount of room in your closet/drawer, you’re given the opportunity to feel like you’re wearing a new piece each day. No need to bring multiple sets of swimsuits on holidays or get bored with the same bikini top. We also love a good wrap-around. Tighten or loosen the fit, once again, dependent on that lunch size! You’re in control of how you’d like your piece to fit. Our reversible bikini tops are the perfect asset to most summer attire too. The wrap has a significant amount of fabric under the bust, therefore would look exceptional with a high-waisted skirt or a pair of jeans for the evening dinner plans. Who doesn’t love a little midriff action in the summertime? 


We believe that everyone should have confidence with comfort in their bikini. Let’s embrace our bodies and move towards a more confident approach to our individual unique shapes and sizes. It’s important to feel self-assured that your swimsuit fits well, regardless of if you’re swimming, lounging by the pool or throwing on a summer dress, you want to feel supported.  

Hey, and if you’re still not down with a bikini, a one-piece can also deliver the goods. Sophisticated one-piecers have never been so popular. Not so much due to the ‘cover-up’, but because, well they’re just cool! Fabulous colours, patterns, and styles to choose from, the one-piece has definitely become the statement-piece.  

Our swimsuits are ethically made in Australia. Ranging in different sizes and cup sizes for the 'girls’. Our swimsuits have an elastic shelf-bra sewn into the full pieces to provide support, but there is no uncomfortable padding or underwiring. Our Plunge One Piece Swimsuit is a fantastic option for those of us that were *gifted* larger breasts as the cross-over back allows some extra support and oomph. There will be no pulling up straps off shoulders; you’ll feel lovely and secure.


We also have a one-piece style with a keyhole and tie effect for a classic, but unique twist. 

Swimsuit style and design can be practical and versatile; becoming a staple part of your summer wardrobe, even outside of the water. Be yourself, be comfortable, happy summer!  

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